Tuesday, December 28, 2010

software protects laptops from unauthorized access

encryption programs reading the data to prevent accessing the hard disk

In airports, hotel lobbies or train compartments laptops sought-after targets are professional gangs of thieves. For now, users can store far more than 80 gigabytes of data on their mobile computers, which are also smaller and lighter than a few years ago. The loss is particularly high when disappear with the hardware and confidential corporate data. Therefore, manufacturers offer a variety of ways to protect your notebook from theft or at least to secure the data stored there. Physical protection locks for example, offers the company CSG (30 €;

www.csg-info.net). The laptop will literally put it on a leash. In most notebooks are reinforced with steel casing hole, put the user through a steel cable with cable lock.

This backup method of the theft of the device takes at least longer than without any protection, and many a thief is thus deterred from his purpose already. Consider the investment when obtaining HP laptops for sale from your dealer.

But the only protection extends a cable lock in many cases insufficient. Gangs of thieves and fences to keep, especially after not "selected" devices on the lookout. Than through special markings, the other laptop to the "hot" product that is selling poorly.

A security solution for this, the Dutch company Mulder Vreeswijk (www.muldervreeswijk.nl) that specializes in the security code for laptops. His "Worldwide Security code" system consists of a 0.5 millimeter thick, steel-hard and flexible brass plaque is engraved on the individual company data in addition to a progressive number. If desired Mulder is the data available in stainless steel or plastic. About the rising number of customer attributes as the rightful owner of the laptop is registered. The database is the world view of the laptops in five languages.

Criminals have the laptop stolen in spite of locks and tags, data are safe only if users have encrypted before it professionally. But this is not the simple code of the Windows password is meant. Use the Encrypted File System Utility (EFS) allows users to encrypt in the Windows Explorer with a mouse click in the file properties, individual files and folders.

Temporary files remain unencrypted. When the virtual disk encryption, a container is created, the specially encrypted files or hard drive takes up parts. For about $ 60 can, for example, the software BestCrypt that in addition to all standard Windows-based systems with Linux operating systems is clear (www.jetico.com). Complete laptop hard drive can back up user with special encryption software, such as Ashampoo Privacy Protector or Safeguard. It is important to encrypt the drive completely. Because if the reason for the laptop theft, the data stored on each device with fully encrypted hard drive is useless for most professionals. The process also protects temporary files and swap file. Whoever starts up the computer comes without further authentication then no more. And who wants to prevent data theft during the financial interest should always remember that the most sensitive data in fact have nothing to look on the hard disk of a laptop. In the canteen, they are safe on the Memory Stick in your pocket anyway.