Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Watchmen - The Guardian - Blu-ray Disc

Technical details:
The technical data for the 2-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray you can see here on our overview page.

Our critics, including contents information is read here.

The disc:
The two high-definition discs is housed in a typical blue double-Disc Jewel Case, which included a leaflet with safety advice regarding updates of Blu-ray DVD players and a small list of other Blu-ray disc from Paramount. After inserting the disc follows the distribution header, next we go to the language and the copyright notices and FSK. The main menu is not animated. Get this watchmen blu ray dvd for sale here.

The picture:
As has often been at Paramount titles, also here the picture looks a bit too dark. Moreover, as with the HD performance of Zack Snyder's last work 300, act in the film grain is very clear. This would be the drawbacks (second option should be perceived as such) and also checked off already. Otherwise, the Blu-ray buyers expected namely a detailed, vivid pictures with crisp clarity, especially in the detail area, and stable, vibrant colors. The contrast is excellent, the tracing is very good.

The sound:
The German Dolby Digital 5.1 Mehrkanalmix lacks compared to the preferring English Dolby True HD 5.1 mix the necessary emphasis. The HD sound is more stable, more accurate, significantly more transparent, especially with simultaneous use of multiple channels, making his massive "drought" is simply fun. There is plenty of directional effects, in the first few minutes, pour about a window glass rain (05:04 min) to the audience, at 11:09 minutes an explosion rocks the eardrum, it is at 39:30 minutes due to the flame thrower of Comedian is noticeably hotter and the orgy of destruction at 2:18:24 minutes the icing on the tonal i.

The extras are all located on the second disc after lending bias, language and a copyright notice again the Spartan menu of the first disc is set before.

- Mechanics: technologies a fantasy world (16:49 min, OV with subtitles):
The sympathetic physics professor James Kakalios explains the science behind the Watchmen universe, pointing to some phenomena (eg the skills of Dr. Manhattan, the changing makeup of Rorschach, the ship of Night Owl II) is received and this shines through on their feasibility. In between are seen again and again excerpts from the film, a few excerpts from the work and the concept Setbauten are available. An entertaining, very interesting segment.

- The phenomenon: The comic, who changed the comics (28:48 min, Omu.)
Detailed segment about the making of the comic and the impact on the more comic history or literature in general. In addition to Dave Gibbons, the signatories of the original, also a lot of DC official to speak, involved in disease development. Even a critic of the New York Times and the colorist of Watchmen with donations word here. The interview segments are often of the animated version of the comics (Watchmen - The Motion Comic) accompanied or even film clips are again seen. Informative segment that Alan Moore's work and its many-layered "anti-superhero story," pays tribute detail.