Sunday, December 5, 2010

German Record: 10 000 caravans sold


Ready for the Guinness book: 10 000 homes a brand sold in the firm of Ernst Ettenheim. Hobby Drähne CEO congratulated the record.

Caravan Record: Hobby-chief Drähne (left) congratulates Ernst family.
A truly impressive number: 10 000 Hobby-caravan sold the caravan and leisure center Ernst in the southern Baden Ettenheim since 1971, setting a world record of: So many cars in a single brand has not sold any other commercial operation in Germany. The successful connection began when Ernst after giving up their own Black Forest Clocks production took over the caravan for sale as a business. A correct decision, because in the first year
were about 100 caravans of the north German brand sold. "Hobby and Ernst - which for many is a household name," said Christian Ernst pleased with the continuing demand. Long been the catchment area extends over southwestern Germany and beyond: Buyers come from Switzerland, France, Italy and even Britain. Even in Canada, the family has exported hundreds of hobby caravan. Hobby boss Ruthard Drähne it was therefore not take to congratulate the families of the seriousness and success in the anniversary model number 10 000, a 560 UFE Prestige, a toast with a glass of champagne on the record. For the future, the trading company has at its facilities and Ettenheim Deißlingen lot: Once at Ernst in recent years were "only" sold 500 amateur mobile homes, the numbers are expected soon strong. The operation that results in addition to the hobby or trademarks Fendt and Laika is well equipped - Customers can choose from some 200 homes and 50 mobile homes.