Saturday, December 4, 2010

Digital cameras reviewed

Digital cameras reviewed: Great quality differences in daylight shooting
Sony DSC-H55 provides sharp and crisp images

As winner of the DSC-H55 Sony went out of the test.
(Photo: © Sony) The equipment of new compact digital cameras can be proud of. The manufacturers lure customers during the Christmas period with many innovative features. But the magazine "Computer Bild" wanted to know which device to score not only with great features, but also provides the best photos. To this end it has taken 16 current models from 169 € more closely.

The tested models bring extras as a wireless image and video transmission to the internet via WLAN, they can be a touch-sensitive screen (touch screen) use or have a waterproof housing.

Fuji Film S2800HD "scores a 17.5-fold zoom

Who wants to bring distant subjects close approach, which provide the models of Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Ricoh and Sony a ten times optical zoom. Right at the front is in this range, however, the Fuji Film S2800HD with its 17.5-fold zoom.

Who wants to put a good camera under the Christmas tree should not, however, blinded by innovative special functions can be advised, "Computer Bild". Crucial point is that a good digital camera for sale photos in daylight and with flash fires. The test was not any model.

Kodak "EasyShare M590" disappointed with milky images

While the winner Sony "DSC-H55" for 219 € crisp, detailed, high-contrast daylight photos delivered, fell the most cost-effective Kodak "EasyShare M590" clear and frosted with blurred images from. With six models also disturbed strong noise. Flash photos shot the Fuji film S2800HD "despite a little too dark images from all cameras are still the best