Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mobile DVD player with a second screen:

Quiet in the back seat

For peace in the backseat will this week make Aldi Nord. A portable DVD player with a second screen and support for the headrest offers children and other backbenchers entertainment during long car rides. Proud 179 euros will cost the unit. test.de says if the price matches the performance.

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Danger to children
Before the purchase, comes the question of meaning. Film and TV viewing for children if not dangerous, at least not beneficial. Better than permanent DVD irrigation are suitable matches. Or just find a portable DVD player for sale that suits your needs more like a sony one. Provides information and tips for parents include lower the family directory. test.de says without regard to the essential question of whether what is good and the DVD player.

More male than necessary
The board found out the built-in DVD player and a video screen along with the addition of plenty of cable accessories. For connection of DVD players and added a triple-monitor cable with a total of 6 connectors is necessary. A string with two plugs would have done. Although only just over 15 by 8 inches wide screen hardly ever more than an arm's length away from the audience will be in use, is also a simple remote control. Strange: On board also has a USB port that enables the display pictures and movies from USB storage media. The otherwise very good manual but to lose a word.

Operate without problems
The operation is little difficulty, and requires only a short acclimation. Feat: The machine has to offer little more than a simple DVD player. Please note: For the actual control is only of the portable DVD player in charge. Although the additional screen has its own speakers, but nothing else. Therefore, leaving only the volume and parameters such as brightness and contrast separately. Also the power for the auxiliary display is the master.

Interference from the alternator
The image quality is - as with other portable DVD players, too - not famous, but quite acceptable. Because of the low resolution of the small screens appear slanted lines and edges stepped clearly visible. Color and contrast, go far right, only in dark image areas, let the cheap screens much less recognize nuances as high-quality displays. The brightness is sufficient under normal circumstances. In very bright conditions, the mini-monitors can not keep up anymore. Annoying: The test-driving a new diesel Passat is apparently induced by the generator sound interference from the speakers on the LCD screen. Probably the cable for the audio signal is not sufficiently shielded.

Ton with defects
The sound quality of the two built into the screen housing pairs of speakers is limited. Low tones create the mini speaker anyway. Medium and high tones they give fairly discolored and squeaking again. After all, they focus the sound quite well and provide enough volume for most cases. Slightly better sound than the speakers deliver the earphones, but hi-fi quality, they are also far away. Not nice, but not really bad: when skipping chapters with DVD-skip button produced the DVD player noise that reflect the speakers reinforced.

Mounts for the headrest
Specifically for use in the car, there are simple brackets, which strapped the device and auxiliary display on the back of the head restraints can be. The power comes from the socket for the cigarette lighter. Even without a car and mains electricity at least in the portable DVD player is useful. However: For the power supply provided by six small round cells. They are pleasantly cheap but also fast at the end. Less than an hour holds the portable DVD players for sale through the operation with standard alkaline batteries. Although the auxiliary display is connected, not weakens after ten minutes battery power and shows first black stripes.