Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cheap Digital Cameras from Rollei

Cheap Digital Cameras from Rollei: Powerflex 440 and 450
Rollei brings the models "Power Flex 440" and "Power Flex 450" digital camera for beginners in the trade.

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In addition to a red version of "Power Flex 440" from Rollei there are models in pink, silver and black.
Both products take on a subject with up to 14 megapixels and save them on a memory card, the maximum capacity is 32 gigabytes. On a 2.7-inch display, you review your photos and videos in HD quality (1280x720). While the Power Flex is equipped 450 with a five times optical zoom, the smaller model has a four times optical zoom. Rollei is in each case on a lithium-ion battery, which you download via USB cable. Face and smile detection and Red-eye reduction control both digital camera for sale. For € 79.95 you get the Power Flex 440, Flex Power proposes 450 with 99.95 euros. The devices come in January 2011 in the trade. (Fs)