Saturday, December 4, 2010

In love with Hanna and his oakley sunglasses

15. November 2010 16.50 clock, BZ
All of Germany celebrates with Sebastian Vettel (23). But who is the man who wrote yesterday Formula 1 history? Vettel's world, B.Z. set before her.
Vettel, the family guy! Papa Norbert (51, carpenter) often travels by motor home to the races, Mama Heike (50, housewife) is rare here. Siblings. Roland (27), Melanie (25), Fabian (11) Vettel, the-earth! Lives on a farm in the Swiss Neumüli Kemmenthal. Running BMW (M3) with, preferably jeans, collects baseball caps and Oakley sunglasses . Hardly drinks alcohol, favorite drink: Red Bull Kombucha. And he has all the Beatles albums on Platte.Vettel, the smart one! Made in Heppenheim be Abi (section 2.8), learning in each country where it is, a few words. Can fluchen.Vettel in 20 languages, the daredevil! His life motto is "No risk, no fun" ("No risk, no fun"). Likes to snowboard surfing, loves climbing and hiking. Idols as a kid: Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.Vettel, partner! For 6 years with Hanna (23) together. First met in school. She is studying textile design in Baden-Württemberg, came only once (Monza 2006) on the route. Reason: "You bring your girl friend so not to work with ..." Vettel, the life of the party! Like to imitate voices (Franz Beckenbauer, Boris Becker, Otto Waalkes). Can juggle.