Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chicken with french fries

Actually, Janis had presented completely different!

Adults often do not realize how they can hurt children thoughtlessly.
Actually, Janis had presented completely different!

Today's Connie - Mom Birthday!
He had got up early, had immediately thought of coffee. Really the one making coffee never succeed, but this time he had really taken care of. Mama has praised the coffee good.
He gave her the birthday gift. He had it wrapped in fine tissue paper, but the wrapping yesterday it was crumpled a bit and even a little: torn. But the red ribbon was on top of it and on a self-made card was - for my dear mother. Mommy broke the loop and let out cries of delight! "Oh" and "Ah" and admired the small round pin that he, Janis, had bought yesterday alone or alone selected.
They cleared away the coffee things and then he had to go to school and his mother also had to work.

The school went anyway around fairly quickly. He came home be warmed up his food, washed the dishes from the morning. and his plate from lunch and thought about his mama. Had they looked nice today in that red dress with her blonde with her hair. He took her bag, grabbed books and magazines on the coffee table and began his duties. A half-page letter is made so quickly, but six pack arithmetic.
He began to solve his math problems.
Why he had to do today, today of all days, school work. Where was Mama's birthday today after all. And Mama's birthday was something special!

Tonight they both would go alone to eat "out". Very fine food "from" go. When Grandma came to visit, she invited her daughter and grandchildren in this fine restaurant.
They would go to the finest restaurant in town.
So fine, find napkins, starched napkins made of cloth and placed on the tables and more glasses than you can drink from it. Actually, his was Connie - Mama do not allow such food in such a restaurant, but it was her birthday and she went with him, Janis, eat alone!
They entered the restaurant. The head they ripped the door, took off his coat and they both Mama led to a table that was set for two. and on the burning a candle. He pushed the chair to Mama, bowed and handed her the bound in heavy leather menus.
Anyone got a. And it was good that he could already read. But before the upper asked:
- What do want to drink it? -
He ordered as always with sparkling apple juice and his mother half a bottle of rose wine from Baden.
As well, he could already read everything. He read the menu from top to bottom. As ridiculous terms came from Essen, which he did not know how to fried sole meuniere, filled with Rotzungenröllchen Steamed salmon with saffron sauce. Just as, - Kordeon bleau - or blöe, or blue, or Schateau Briantes with abundant vegetables and various side dishes of potato, sweet crepes filled with fruit and sabayon, served with passion fruit parfait desserts and other unknown.
And hit rock bottom, stand, for our young guests.
He had the choice between escalopes to Erbsenpürre and glazed carrots and chicken with fried potato wedges. Chicken with fries - fries anyway was his favorite food! And, the chickens for sale with french fries on a colorful bed of lettuce on his mothers birthday in this fine restaurant, which was the best thing he could think of.
The waiter came, accepted the appointment and as it should, first of Mama. Lobster soup with polar sea - shrimp - insert and whipped cream. The man then got in very small cups. . Then maybe a steamed fish fillet with spicy or a fine side dish. Then the top said he wanted. And he said very calmly:
"Chicken and chips columns!"
The head bowed again and left. He chatted with his mom now excited about school, about his friends and what there was to tell more. His mother told the agency.
Now serving the men's in this tiny cup of the lobster soup and soon after the chicken was fragrant with chips in front of him, the smell went into his nose and the water ran him in the mouth. It was a mighty big portion of chicken with French fries, but if that was his favorite food already and it is this chicken for sale with french fries, so it was not even a Fisselchen of, yes, he even gnawed off the bone. Even in a fine restaurant you may namely "chicken leg" take back in your hand.
Actually, he had the portion not so nearly made, but it was still a little bit of room for a vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce!
Hm, - Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries. -

Janis startled from his dreams.
He stuffed the books in the school bag. His teacher will notice, not that the results of the tasks he has written down only expect so easily.

When he looks at the clock, he realizes he has to hurry it very much. He wipes his face through the cloth, changing his pants and puts on his one good shirt. Running with the comb through it again struwelnde hair. The wet comb also can not tame it. It creates the path to health insurance, where his mother works in 10 minutes and turn smoothly even 5:55 at the street corner. Before the door to his mother with a strange man who just kiss on the cheek. A stranger man kisses his mom.

It will stop its course. Something very slowly he goes to her.
"You - Janis," "That is Mr. Breuer, say hello," says his mom, "tag", complains Janis, although he has no desire to do so. Mr. Breuer welcomes back: "Janis, how are you?"
"Janis, I go and eat now," says his mother, - "the two of us alone."
"Well, then, have fun," said Mr. Breuer, "and you do not spoil the stomach!"
As if you destroy at French fries with chicken stomach could, "and Janis thinks because his mom still says:
"And then until this evening at half past nine, -. Bye! "
"Goodbye," said Mr Breuer.
Kalli is quite stiff. His mom puts his arm around him, talks and moves with it. She talks all the time and do not notice how stiff he is and that he no longer wants.
Since they are already at the restaurant, the waiter opened the door, takes off the jacket and the mother accompanied the pair to the table, a table for two, on the burn a candle and there are many glasses that I will certainly does not need. He moves the chair and the mother goes to them as the bound in leather menus and asks: "What they want to drink?" Janis appointed as always with sparkling apple juice.
Janis is so glad that he can hold on to the menu and he will read from top to bottom and very thorough, he reads the words of what he does not know what that is. This weird food - as Cordeon bleu blöe or Cordin, or Chateau? Loup du mer with saffron rice and something of passion fruit parfait?
The waiter brings the drinks and ask for their wishes. Janis looks over the edge of the menu. He sees the happy face of his mother and her shiny hair and he will not ruin her birthday.
His mother ordered such a cream crab soup and fish fillet in lens foam with various vegetable florets.

He thinks, hmm, chicken with french fries and he says:

"I would like - Kordeon bleö."