Monday, January 31, 2011

Levi Strauss Jeans offers on credit

In India's from the Levi's now available on credit. For Levi Strauss offers in the Indian city of Bangalore, his jeans now also on credit, in three monthly installments, customers can pay off its new Levi Strauss jeans. The Indian head of the company spoke of a "world first". Since there are the jeans on credit, sales rose 15 percent, said a shop owner.
After washing machines and cars for the first time the Indians can now buy their jeans on credit: The U.S. manufacturer Levi Strauss Jeans offers his pants in the IT capital Bangalore like the 501 jeans for sale recently on loan. Person who wants to can rate pay the purchase price in three interest-free installments, as the India CEO of the company, Shumon Chatterjee, told AFP on Tuesday. Condition is that the buyers are opting for a pair with a value of 1,500 rupees (about 21 €).

"" This is a world premiere, said Chatterjee. Now since the Group's "now, pay later" initiative launched in Bangalore, had sales fell by ten to 15 percent up, a Levi-Strauss-shop operator reported in the metropolis. The Levi-Strauss Group has teamed up rates for its first model in Bangalore with India's largest private bank ICICI. Due to high demand the company is negotiating with other banks but now you can buy jeans that more support With the initiative of the jeans maker increase its levi's jeans sales in the booming middle class of India. Higher incomes and increasing Western influences in the country have fueled the demand for designer clothes, an obvious symbol of prosperity in the very status-conscious country.