Monday, January 31, 2011

sleep researcher holds workshops for jetlag

The Dutch Eus van Someren sleep researcher holds workshops for jetlag injured.
Sleepless in the departure hall
TIME: Mr van Someren, you are sleep expert at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and now offer seminars in hotels for jet lag victims. What do you tell them?
Eus van Someren: First, the basics. Many people do not even know that there is something like an internal clock. The take down their fatigue after a long haul flight as a natural event. This much can be done to at least feel reasonably fit.
TIME: What? There is always, one should simply set up after the time on the ground and resist the temptation to sleep in broad daylight already.
Van Someren: I can not really say that a flat rate. My advice to the middle. If you are flying from Munich to New York, you need to make up a time difference of six hours. Let's say you come in at 19 clock, but actually it is a clock at night. If you are used to lie down at midnight, you should order in this case 21 or 22 clock to bed.
TIME: And if I think not so long?
Van Someren: Then you go outside. Let the sun sink in, then the internal clock is most likely to the circumstances. That can be solved with sleeping pills for sale by us. In the dark hotel room, the body may eventually no longer distinguish whether it is day or night.

Focus: Why do we sleep?
In these days, and devote TIME ONLINE TIME to the subject of sleep. In interviews, videos, reports and surveys, we clarify the main issues around the state in which we spend a good third of our lives.

As neuroscientists explain the sleep, there is the siesta productive and how much the economy of our fatigue?

To kick off our author Alina Schadwinkel the Snooze has traced in different cultures.

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TIME: What's in the autumn and winter when it gets dark early?

Van Someren: This is a problem, yes. If bad weather prevails, can barely fill up the necessary light naturally. The Hotel Okura here in Amsterdam, has invited me for a seminar in mid-October, has some moving light therapy lamps for customers who have flown across several time zones - similar to how they use people north of the Arctic Circle during the long winter, so as not depressed. The devices generate artificial light and can be very helpful for business people who need to be fit for a meeting.

TIME: What exactly do you do with these bulbs?

Sleep stages
Need for sleep
Sleep times
Sleep stages
In the course of a night we wander through several 90-minute cycles of sleep stages and the so-called REM sleep (Rapid Eye Movement), a sleep stage in which we dream of particular intensity. Or get some melatonin pills for sale aiding you sleeping. With increasing duration of sleep in total sleep less deeply, and the REM periods get longer. Older people have a shallow sleep and wake more often for long periods.
Need for sleep
This chart shows the average sleep needs of most people. Of course there are also people who get their optimal recovery with more or less sleep.

Sleep times
The evaluation of the Munich chronotype questionnaire showed, as often what Chrono type. The data above indicate the natural sleep times and bedtime Aufstehzeiten, so no times, for example, are defined by the profession.

On average, adolescents and young adults are clocked as late as never in her life. They are late sleepers and sleep, if circumstances permit, in the morning for longer. For the learning achievements in school teaching a later start would be better because they saw the young people because of their quasi chronotypes "night" for the first hour of asking. It was not until the end of the youth, this trend was reversed abruptly.
Van Someren: Who needs to work to the lamp on the desk. But one can also take in the fitness room and stand beside the treadmill.

TIME: What does the seminar participants to?

Van Someren: I've heard them, the hotel serves special meals jet lag. Breakfast consists of bread, for example, with smoked salmon, cooked chicken and plenty of cheese. It is thus clear protein-rich than most people are usually accustomed to, feverish but just right. At noon there is this light pasta.

TIME: Many people take sleeping pills before long flights. Is this a good idea?

Van Someren: Yes. The feel is broken on the wheel after you wake up and have nothing won. On the inner Clock sleeping pills have no effect. You can try melatonin instead of pills. Melatonin is a hormone produced by our bodies at night. It regulates the body clock. Only one must not throw as aspirin, if one is really the case. In the U.S. you can buy melatonin in the supermarket. In Germany and most other European countries, there is a prescription drug. And rightly so.