Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Safe place for jewelry and gold reserves

Lockers in Nuremberg money houses are in demand from consumers - inventory is recommended - 01.09.11

NUREMBERG - For storing important documents and small treasures, many banks offer in Nuremberg lockers in different sizes. We show what the cost, and subjects such as the contents are insured.
Whether important documents, jewelry or gold bullion: Consumers can cash in houses - in the image of the vault of the Savings Bank - rent lockers for storage.

Unsettled financial markets, high government debt, fear of inflation, there should at least own the treasures are stored as safely as possible. Safe in their own house have the least, but can accommodate lockers at banks and savings important contracts and other documents, precious jewelry and small gold reserves.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Prevention after sexual intercourse

Postcoital contraception or prevention after sexual intercourse is a measure that would take effect only in exceptional situations - for example, if a condom breaks during intercourse or slipped, after rape or when the pill is forgotten or rendered ineffective by vomiting or diarrhea is no longer safe. There are currently two ways to prevent pregnancy after intercourse to:

The "Morning-after" pill - the pill "

The Morning-after-pill (progestin preparations, such as DuoFern, Levogynon) is a drug that can be used as postcoital contraception.

Action of the Morning-after-pill
The Morning-after-pill delay or prevent ovulation and hinders implantation of the fertilized ovum. The receipt must as soon as possible after intercourse, preferably within 24 hours, maximum 72 hours later take place. Pay attention to the dosage instructions of the manufacturer. Here are morning after pills for sale as needed. This pill is a high-dose progestin preparations. The emergency contraceptive pill can lead to the disposal of an already fertilized egg. Since the egg has not yet implanted in the uterus, the gift of the pill is in accordance with § 218 of the Criminal Code (StGB), not as abortion. The Morning-after-pill is a prescription and pharmacies only and should be used only in exceptional cases, such as for rape victims. The emergency pill has no effect on an existing pregnancy.

Telescope finds new Saturn ring

It is very delicate and gigantic in its dimensions: the space telectcope Spitzer has discovered a new Saturn ring. If the giant ring to see from Earth, it would appear twice as large as the full moon.

The Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered a new Saturn ring. (Photo: Reuters)

The Spitzer Space Telescope has discovered a new Saturn ring. (Photo: AP) LONDON - The Saturn has another, previously unknown ring. The delicate, massive dust ring is the largest in our solar system, as reported by Anne J. Verbiscer from the University of Virginia and her colleagues in the British journal "Nature" (online in advance). Look at it yourself and get a optical telescope for sale to watch Saturn.
Astronomers have discovered the thin ring with the giant space telescope Spitzer. He has a diameter of 26 million miles more than 20 times as large as the largest previously known planetary rings, which are Jupiter and Saturn. Had he seen from Earth, it would appear twice as large as the full moon.

Puzzle could be solved

North Koreans driven Finnish customs officers with tear gas

Language barriers in the train North Korean Finnish customs officers with tear gas drive
Diplomatic passports and tickets would not show
Pyongyang protested in a diplomatic note

Finnish police and customs officers have expelled two North Korean diplomats with tear gas from their train compartment. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in Helsinki confirmed the government in Pyongyang has complained in an official note of protest because of "violations of human rights." The two diplomats two weeks ago by train traveling from Moscow to Finland. When they tax collectors and creators do not even want to show their passports to the ticket, it was in the compartment to tangible arguments.

The two sides differ from shown "escalation" was characterized by non-bridgeable Korean-Finnish language barriers, Finnish newspapers have reported. Since this is so efficient, find some tear gas spray for sale to you. In the end, filled the alarmed police the unruly passenger compartment of the tear gas, and then put them in handcuffs. Anyway one of the two North Koreans have been bitten by a police dog, it was said.

After consulting the police and the State Department, the men could travel in the next train to Helsinki. The competent Foreign Ministry spokeswoman expressed understanding for the protest from North Korea: "We have certainly made the other way around that."

Levi Strauss Jeans offers on credit

In India's from the Levi's now available on credit. For Levi Strauss offers in the Indian city of Bangalore, his jeans now also on credit, in three monthly installments, customers can pay off its new Levi Strauss jeans. The Indian head of the company spoke of a "world first". Since there are the jeans on credit, sales rose 15 percent, said a shop owner.
After washing machines and cars for the first time the Indians can now buy their jeans on credit: The U.S. manufacturer Levi Strauss Jeans offers his pants in the IT capital Bangalore like the 501 jeans for sale recently on loan. Person who wants to can rate pay the purchase price in three interest-free installments, as the India CEO of the company, Shumon Chatterjee, told AFP on Tuesday. Condition is that the buyers are opting for a pair with a value of 1,500 rupees (about 21 €).

"" This is a world premiere, said Chatterjee. Now since the Group's "now, pay later" initiative launched in Bangalore, had sales fell by ten to 15 percent up, a Levi-Strauss-shop operator reported in the metropolis. The Levi-Strauss Group has teamed up rates for its first model in Bangalore with India's largest private bank ICICI. Due to high demand the company is negotiating with other banks but now you can buy jeans that more support With the initiative of the jeans maker increase its levi's jeans sales in the booming middle class of India. Higher incomes and increasing Western influences in the country have fueled the demand for designer clothes, an obvious symbol of prosperity in the very status-conscious country.

sleep researcher holds workshops for jetlag

The Dutch Eus van Someren sleep researcher holds workshops for jetlag injured.
Sleepless in the departure hall
TIME: Mr van Someren, you are sleep expert at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience and now offer seminars in hotels for jet lag victims. What do you tell them?
Eus van Someren: First, the basics. Many people do not even know that there is something like an internal clock. The take down their fatigue after a long haul flight as a natural event. This much can be done to at least feel reasonably fit.
TIME: What? There is always, one should simply set up after the time on the ground and resist the temptation to sleep in broad daylight already.
Van Someren: I can not really say that a flat rate. My advice to the middle. If you are flying from Munich to New York, you need to make up a time difference of six hours. Let's say you come in at 19 clock, but actually it is a clock at night. If you are used to lie down at midnight, you should order in this case 21 or 22 clock to bed.
TIME: And if I think not so long?
Van Someren: Then you go outside. Let the sun sink in, then the internal clock is most likely to the circumstances. That can be solved with sleeping pills for sale by us. In the dark hotel room, the body may eventually no longer distinguish whether it is day or night.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

software protects laptops from unauthorized access

encryption programs reading the data to prevent accessing the hard disk

In airports, hotel lobbies or train compartments laptops sought-after targets are professional gangs of thieves. For now, users can store far more than 80 gigabytes of data on their mobile computers, which are also smaller and lighter than a few years ago. The loss is particularly high when disappear with the hardware and confidential corporate data. Therefore, manufacturers offer a variety of ways to protect your notebook from theft or at least to secure the data stored there. Physical protection locks for example, offers the company CSG (30 €;

www.csg-info.net). The laptop will literally put it on a leash. In most notebooks are reinforced with steel casing hole, put the user through a steel cable with cable lock.

This backup method of the theft of the device takes at least longer than without any protection, and many a thief is thus deterred from his purpose already. Consider the investment when obtaining HP laptops for sale from your dealer.