Monday, January 31, 2011

North Koreans driven Finnish customs officers with tear gas

Language barriers in the train North Korean Finnish customs officers with tear gas drive
Diplomatic passports and tickets would not show
Pyongyang protested in a diplomatic note

Finnish police and customs officers have expelled two North Korean diplomats with tear gas from their train compartment. A spokeswoman for the Foreign Ministry in Helsinki confirmed the government in Pyongyang has complained in an official note of protest because of "violations of human rights." The two diplomats two weeks ago by train traveling from Moscow to Finland. When they tax collectors and creators do not even want to show their passports to the ticket, it was in the compartment to tangible arguments.

The two sides differ from shown "escalation" was characterized by non-bridgeable Korean-Finnish language barriers, Finnish newspapers have reported. Since this is so efficient, find some tear gas spray for sale to you. In the end, filled the alarmed police the unruly passenger compartment of the tear gas, and then put them in handcuffs. Anyway one of the two North Koreans have been bitten by a police dog, it was said.

After consulting the police and the State Department, the men could travel in the next train to Helsinki. The competent Foreign Ministry spokeswoman expressed understanding for the protest from North Korea: "We have certainly made the other way around that."

It is said that these were the two Nordkoranern to couriers with diplomatic bag on the way to the North Korean embassy in Stockholm. The travel route by train and ship have chosen the two diplomats, because they wanted to experience the legendary party atmosphere on the ferry between Finland and Sweden, it was said from the Finnish source.