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software protects laptops from unauthorized access

encryption programs reading the data to prevent accessing the hard disk

In airports, hotel lobbies or train compartments laptops sought-after targets are professional gangs of thieves. For now, users can store far more than 80 gigabytes of data on their mobile computers, which are also smaller and lighter than a few years ago. The loss is particularly high when disappear with the hardware and confidential corporate data. Therefore, manufacturers offer a variety of ways to protect your notebook from theft or at least to secure the data stored there. Physical protection locks for example, offers the company CSG (30 €;

www.csg-info.net). The laptop will literally put it on a leash. In most notebooks are reinforced with steel casing hole, put the user through a steel cable with cable lock.

This backup method of the theft of the device takes at least longer than without any protection, and many a thief is thus deterred from his purpose already. Consider the investment when obtaining HP laptops for sale from your dealer.

Panasonic video cameras record 1080i to SD Card and DVD

HD cameras with the new AVCHD format
Panasonic has two video cameras with 3CCD technology is presented, which can write with the new format AVCH high definition video on an SD card or the other model on DVD. The units will be initially on the Japanese market in the trade.

The Panasonic HDC-SD1 records, as their name suggests, the small memory cards while the HDC-DX1 uses 8-cm DVD discs as a storage medium. The HDC-SD1 measures 74 x 69 x 142 mm and weighs 430 grams empty on a 4 GB SDHC card will supply 90 minutes of video at 1080i and a data rate of 6 Mbps houses. If you don't like panasonic, we recommend sony digital video cameras for sale as an alternative.

Its sister model, based on media such as DVD-R DVD-RAM/-R/-RW and writes double-layer, measures 92 x 91 x 163 mm, bringing 680 grams. On a DVD-R DL according to the manufacturer to fit about 60 minutes of HD video. In addition to the video store next to the cameras image stereo audio and 5.1 surround sound, they take about five built-in microphones.

Apple - New iPod nano with video camera

After the presentation of iTunes 9 were on the Apple event in San Francisco's new in the iPod family of products presented. Because of the many rumors prior to the event, it helps no major surprises.

As expected, presents a new iPod nano with a camera. This has, however, surprisingly, a video camera that takes video at 640 x 480 pixels in H.264. Of alienation are 15 effects are available, clips can be uploaded directly to sites like YouTube or Facebook or sent by e-mail. For the clientele there are also an unlocked blackberry phones for sale usable at any place in the world.

Apple does so against the USA in the very successful "flip" video cameras that will soon come to the German market.

Mobile DVD player with a second screen:

Quiet in the back seat

For peace in the backseat will this week make Aldi Nord. A portable DVD player with a second screen and support for the headrest offers children and other backbenchers entertainment during long car rides. Proud 179 euros will cost the unit. test.de says if the price matches the performance.

Mobile DVD player with two screen start page Quick Test Test commentary table: technical data and equipment
Danger to children
Before the purchase, comes the question of meaning. Film and TV viewing for children if not dangerous, at least not beneficial. Better than permanent DVD irrigation are suitable matches. Or just find a portable DVD player for sale that suits your needs more like a sony one. Provides information and tips for parents include lower the family directory. test.de says without regard to the essential question of whether what is good and the DVD player.

Watchmen - The Guardian - Blu-ray Disc

Technical details:
The technical data for the 2-Disc Special Edition Blu-ray you can see here on our overview page.

Our critics, including contents information is read here.

The disc:
The two high-definition discs is housed in a typical blue double-Disc Jewel Case, which included a leaflet with safety advice regarding updates of Blu-ray DVD players and a small list of other Blu-ray disc from Paramount. After inserting the disc follows the distribution header, next we go to the language and the copyright notices and FSK. The main menu is not animated. Get this watchmen blu ray dvd for sale here.

The picture:
As has often been at Paramount titles, also here the picture looks a bit too dark. Moreover, as with the HD performance of Zack Snyder's last work 300, act in the film grain is very clear. This would be the drawbacks (second option should be perceived as such) and also checked off already. Otherwise, the Blu-ray buyers expected namely a detailed, vivid pictures with crisp clarity, especially in the detail area, and stable, vibrant colors. The contrast is excellent, the tracing is very good.

The sound:
The German Dolby Digital 5.1 Mehrkanalmix lacks compared to the preferring English Dolby True HD 5.1 mix the necessary emphasis. The HD sound is more stable, more accurate, significantly more transparent, especially with simultaneous use of multiple channels, making his massive "drought" is simply fun. There is plenty of directional effects, in the first few minutes, pour about a window glass rain (05:04 min) to the audience, at 11:09 minutes an explosion rocks the eardrum, it is at 39:30 minutes due to the flame thrower of Comedian is noticeably hotter and the orgy of destruction at 2:18:24 minutes the icing on the tonal i.

The extras are all located on the second disc after lending bias, language and a copyright notice again the Spartan menu of the first disc is set before.

- Mechanics: technologies a fantasy world (16:49 min, OV with subtitles):
The sympathetic physics professor James Kakalios explains the science behind the Watchmen universe, pointing to some phenomena (eg the skills of Dr. Manhattan, the changing makeup of Rorschach, the ship of Night Owl II) is received and this shines through on their feasibility. In between are seen again and again excerpts from the film, a few excerpts from the work and the concept Setbauten are available. An entertaining, very interesting segment.

- The phenomenon: The comic, who changed the comics (28:48 min, Omu.)
Detailed segment about the making of the comic and the impact on the more comic history or literature in general. In addition to Dave Gibbons, the signatories of the original, also a lot of DC official to speak, involved in disease development. Even a critic of the New York Times and the colorist of Watchmen with donations word here. The interview segments are often of the animated version of the comics (Watchmen - The Motion Comic) accompanied or even film clips are again seen. Informative segment that Alan Moore's work and its many-layered "anti-superhero story," pays tribute detail.

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English Bulldogs are super sweet

Stanley is no unusual name if you know: He is a purebred English bulldog. Sir Stanley that he is, the drives even more eyebrows up. But the reasoning is somewhat obvious.

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"Because it is so convenient because you always have to ask him," said Alexandra Bombeke. If I can get myself on it.

Alexandra is Bombeke English Bulldog fan. She is fully aware of the fact that there are only two kinds of people there, she describes: Those who turn away and say, "What is ugly!" Or, stop their car and walk the dog in front of the knee: "What is a horny beast" "I find him super sweet," says the technical designer. They impress, like "he loved each person approaching," on emphasis: each. The bulldog puppies for sale were once a dog that had attacked the bear. Following the ban of the bulldog she almost died out, the white Wermelskirchenerin. "And today this is a really nice family dog, friendly to boot.

And with the "optimal size for the home." Sir Stanley was an eight weeks young puppy, as he - from Poland - to Wermelskirchen came from a breeder sincere, honest to a price (2500 €). With its two and a half years now Sir Stanley weighs 26 kg. "If it rains all day, he remains lying on the couch" Alexandra Bombeke mistress Until recently it was announced that the Bulldog took about ten more pounds on the scale. With such risks to the joints, heart and breathing. Sir Stanley's mistress is happy that the pivoted around fashion in their breed straight.

So far, nice, the bulldog breed of muscular and sedentary. That was on top of that came against the tendency to feed rather too much. News's may be back in lean and athletic. "The only have the judges noticed, they have a small dig at the manners and customs of exhibitions where dogs are judged.

Sport sets supervisor Alexandra Bombeke great value. but the breathing is already a special case of the short nose. Stanley is panting a lot, which can be a problem if long-nosed dogs in the room. The order the wrong one and panting misunderstand it as aggression. . .

That is why English-bulldog-holder like to stay among their animals, says Alexandra Bombeke. Every few months, a meeting with holders of Paderborn, Dortmund, Solingen, Cologne.

So a dozen owners and animals all come together some months. When Alexandra Bombeke had loaded the last time in the mill designs, 20 people came with 16 dogs. On Sunday 20 September (11 clock) is to house "Eifgen" the next meeting.

Sir Stanley is quite in agreement that this summer - at least so far - not really hot. On the one hand, the agile copy is used to run a half hours and sometimes twice as long as the common English Bulldog. On the other hand, it's like comfort. "If it rains all day," says my mistress, "it bothers him not being able to remain lying on the couch." If they should characterize this breed, they used like the following experience: "The English Bulldog does not obey commands, requests answered.."

The famous monkeys are a nuisance

The monkeys are the symbol of Gibraltar

Meanwhile, the approximately 200 macaques to a plague - long since they are no longer at home only to the famous rock

That the population grew so has to do with the fact that each monkey daily 500 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables get fed
The Upper Rock, the monkey rock, at night
The Abdulaziz Mosque at the foot of the Upper Rock

The monkeys are the biggest tourist attraction in Gibraltar - and an important symbol of British rule. Now would be 25 to be killed.
According to the legend remains in the south of the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar rocks as long as British, as there are monkeys for sale in the town. If it was then, the British would not currently worried about their dominance. In recent years the animals have in fact multiplied so much that they became a veritable plague. The Government of the monkey rock therefore decided to have killed 25 of more than 200 animals. Two have already been euthanized with a lethal injection.

This is the animal rights activists said in an uproar. The International League for the Protection of primates (IPPL) threatened to call for a tourism boycott against Gibraltar. "The government is not able to maintain the stock of monkeys properly, although the animals represent an important economic factor," the British leader Helen IPPL-Thirlway said, according to the newspaper, Gibraltar Chronicle.

From the rock in the hotel lobbies

The macaque, a species of monkeys are considered the only wild monkeys in Europe. However, this is an exaggeration, because in reality they live in a mini-sanctuary on the Upper Rock in about 200 meters. There, they are also supplied with food. Every day, every monkey about 500 grams of fresh fruit and vegetables.

A group of macaques was, however, left the group and moved on their own to close to residential areas. There, the monkeys came through open windows in apartments and rooms of a 4-star hotels and set up on the search for food in a mess. They were also anxious about her delivery ransacked the garbage and pulled down a passer-away bag.

Fear of the monkeys

The authorities allowed the garbage cans to make "monkey-proof" and called on the people to keep the windows closed. But it did not help. The monkeys were not to return to the Upper Rock move. "The decision to have to kill the monkeys, is the last resort," said Tourism Minister Ernest Britto. "Children living in fear and terror, people can not open their windows. The apes can bite and transmit diseases such as hepatitis also. "

However, the man was himself to the fact that the animals were a nuisance. "Some visitors feed the monkeys and teach them so that they can expect from the people food," said the Society for Ornithology and Natural History, which deals on behalf of the Government of the animals. "This way, the monkeys lost the fear and respect for the people."

Zoos do not want the Gibraltar macaques

By law, the feeding be fined up to 500 pounds (about 640 €). Such a penalty has been imposed since 1918, but only once. The police dismissed claims back to a sharper approach by pointing out that the hunting of Affenfütterer not one of its priorities.
In earlier centuries were the British colonial masters a simple way to prevent overgrowth of the macaque: the soldiers used the monkey for sale for target practice. This is no longer eligible. Six years ago, the authorities attempted to combat the increase of population with means of contraception. The success was not however limited. Also tried to leave surplus zoo monkeys in other countries. But there were hardly any customers.

Chicken with french fries

Actually, Janis had presented completely different!

Adults often do not realize how they can hurt children thoughtlessly.
Actually, Janis had presented completely different!

Today's Connie - Mom Birthday!
He had got up early, had immediately thought of coffee. Really the one making coffee never succeed, but this time he had really taken care of. Mama has praised the coffee good.
He gave her the birthday gift. He had it wrapped in fine tissue paper, but the wrapping yesterday it was crumpled a bit and even a little: torn. But the red ribbon was on top of it and on a self-made card was - for my dear mother. Mommy broke the loop and let out cries of delight! "Oh" and "Ah" and admired the small round pin that he, Janis, had bought yesterday alone or alone selected.
They cleared away the coffee things and then he had to go to school and his mother also had to work.

The school went anyway around fairly quickly. He came home be warmed up his food, washed the dishes from the morning. and his plate from lunch and thought about his mama. Had they looked nice today in that red dress with her blonde with her hair. He took her bag, grabbed books and magazines on the coffee table and began his duties. A half-page letter is made so quickly, but six pack arithmetic.
He began to solve his math problems.
Why he had to do today, today of all days, school work. Where was Mama's birthday today after all. And Mama's birthday was something special!

Tonight they both would go alone to eat "out". Very fine food "from" go. When Grandma came to visit, she invited her daughter and grandchildren in this fine restaurant.
They would go to the finest restaurant in town.
So fine, find napkins, starched napkins made of cloth and placed on the tables and more glasses than you can drink from it. Actually, his was Connie - Mama do not allow such food in such a restaurant, but it was her birthday and she went with him, Janis, eat alone!
They entered the restaurant. The head they ripped the door, took off his coat and they both Mama led to a table that was set for two. and on the burning a candle. He pushed the chair to Mama, bowed and handed her the bound in heavy leather menus.
Anyone got a. And it was good that he could already read. But before the upper asked:
- What do want to drink it? -
He ordered as always with sparkling apple juice and his mother half a bottle of rose wine from Baden.
As well, he could already read everything. He read the menu from top to bottom. As ridiculous terms came from Essen, which he did not know how to fried sole meuniere, filled with Rotzungenröllchen Steamed salmon with saffron sauce. Just as, - Kordeon bleau - or blöe, or blue, or Schateau Briantes with abundant vegetables and various side dishes of potato, sweet crepes filled with fruit and sabayon, served with passion fruit parfait desserts and other unknown.
And hit rock bottom, stand, for our young guests.
He had the choice between escalopes to Erbsenpürre and glazed carrots and chicken with fried potato wedges. Chicken with fries - fries anyway was his favorite food! And, the chickens for sale with french fries on a colorful bed of lettuce on his mothers birthday in this fine restaurant, which was the best thing he could think of.
The waiter came, accepted the appointment and as it should, first of Mama. Lobster soup with polar sea - shrimp - insert and whipped cream. The man then got in very small cups. . Then maybe a steamed fish fillet with spicy or a fine side dish. Then the top said he wanted. And he said very calmly:
"Chicken and chips columns!"
The head bowed again and left. He chatted with his mom now excited about school, about his friends and what there was to tell more. His mother told the agency.
Now serving the men's in this tiny cup of the lobster soup and soon after the chicken was fragrant with chips in front of him, the smell went into his nose and the water ran him in the mouth. It was a mighty big portion of chicken with French fries, but if that was his favorite food already and it is this chicken for sale with french fries, so it was not even a Fisselchen of, yes, he even gnawed off the bone. Even in a fine restaurant you may namely "chicken leg" take back in your hand.
Actually, he had the portion not so nearly made, but it was still a little bit of room for a vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce!
Hm, - Vanilla ice cream with hot raspberries. -

Janis startled from his dreams.
He stuffed the books in the school bag. His teacher will notice, not that the results of the tasks he has written down only expect so easily.

When he looks at the clock, he realizes he has to hurry it very much. He wipes his face through the cloth, changing his pants and puts on his one good shirt. Running with the comb through it again struwelnde hair. The wet comb also can not tame it. It creates the path to health insurance, where his mother works in 10 minutes and turn smoothly even 5:55 at the street corner. Before the door to his mother with a strange man who just kiss on the cheek. A stranger man kisses his mom.

It will stop its course. Something very slowly he goes to her.
"You - Janis," "That is Mr. Breuer, say hello," says his mom, "tag", complains Janis, although he has no desire to do so. Mr. Breuer welcomes back: "Janis, how are you?"
"Janis, I go and eat now," says his mother, - "the two of us alone."
"Well, then, have fun," said Mr. Breuer, "and you do not spoil the stomach!"
As if you destroy at French fries with chicken stomach could, "and Janis thinks because his mom still says:
"And then until this evening at half past nine, -. Bye! "
"Goodbye," said Mr Breuer.
Kalli is quite stiff. His mom puts his arm around him, talks and moves with it. She talks all the time and do not notice how stiff he is and that he no longer wants.
Since they are already at the restaurant, the waiter opened the door, takes off the jacket and the mother accompanied the pair to the table, a table for two, on the burn a candle and there are many glasses that I will certainly does not need. He moves the chair and the mother goes to them as the bound in leather menus and asks: "What they want to drink?" Janis appointed as always with sparkling apple juice.
Janis is so glad that he can hold on to the menu and he will read from top to bottom and very thorough, he reads the words of what he does not know what that is. This weird food - as Cordeon bleu blöe or Cordin, or Chateau? Loup du mer with saffron rice and something of passion fruit parfait?
The waiter brings the drinks and ask for their wishes. Janis looks over the edge of the menu. He sees the happy face of his mother and her shiny hair and he will not ruin her birthday.
His mother ordered such a cream crab soup and fish fillet in lens foam with various vegetable florets.

He thinks, hmm, chicken with french fries and he says:

"I would like - Kordeon bleö."

PlayStation 2 - full details announced

PlayStation 2 - The Future

Sony has announced at a currently taking place in Japan Tokyo game show the specifications and plans for the global market. From the 4th March 2000 to the console in Japan for 39,800 yen (the equivalent of about 700 DM) to be available. Equal to one million units Sony will have shipped for the launch to the trade. By autumn 2000, the PlayStation 2 should then also be available simultaneously in Europe and the USA.

In addition to the details of the launch, Sony has also released some information about the technical features that sound impressive. The playstation for sale is to be not only to the old PlayStation compatible, but now definitely also play DVD-Video, a feature that is more expensive DVD players could put the death blow.

The console comes with a "Dual Shock 2 gamepad, an 8 MB Memory Card, a connection cable for TV and a PlayStation 2 demo disc. Inside they find a 4x DVD-ROM tinkers an emotion engine called 128-bit CPU with a 294.912 MHz clock frequency, a graphics synthesizer with 4 MB of integrated VRAM and a frequency of 147.456 MHz and 32 MB of fast Direct RDRAM as the main memory. all for good sound, the sound SPU2 which offers 48 voices in hardware with 2 MByte memory comes up.

For data exchange provides the IOP-I/O-Prozessor, which is clocked at 33.8688 MHz or 36.864 MHz optional. What will the PlayStation 2 on connectivity with can even look old PCs with USB: Besides the well-known from the PlayStation 1 memory card slot, there is an optical digital output for optimal sound, a USB port, i.Link (Firewire , IEEE1394) port and even a Type III PCMCIA Card (PC Card) slot. This gives hope to many extensions such as hard drives, modems or the like. A network card for the PC Card slot, Sony has announced for 2001.

"The PlayStation 2 shows a path to the future of networked digital entertainment," said Ken Kutaragi, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. "Just as the PlayStation interactive games in a not yet seen before the mass market has brought, the PlayStation 2 allow the combination of breathtaking digital graphics, outstanding sound and DVD video is a new experience of home computer entertainment. "

In addition to the more than 600 old playstation for sale software titles to the launch of the PlayStation 2 many titles will be available. Although no figures called Sony, but have been 89 publishers in Japan, 46 U.S. and 27 European publishers Publisher at least signed letters of intent to develop software for Sony's console dream.

Of particular interest, of course, the question of how Sony intends for now, the PlayStation 2 is to make Internet-ready. There seem to exist highly ambitious plans to connect the PlayStation 2 with high-speed networks, eg provide broadband via cable. PlayStation 2 users will thus have the possibility to back up even data-intensive content on hard drives offered by Sony. An electronic transaction system developed by Sony with authentication and encryption technology will allow this bill. "E-Distribution Server" here with the aforementioned network card from 2001 are available and the key to a tolerable market of the future.

What Sony announced the PlayStation 2 makes not only a manufacturer of PC graphics chips jealous, but would bring to all the console competition, a provider of set-top boxes and the manufacturers of DVD players to tremble. With the Sony PlayStation can provide so far the only manufacturer, an "all-in-one" hardware that allows entry into a new, high-quality networked entertainment age, while creating a lucrative market for entertainment companies.

Google's first smartphone

Google on Tuesday introduced at the company headquarters in Mountain View, California, the first manufactured in-house phone with the name Nexus One. The big surprise was from here: As of December repeats certain information on the Android smartphones for sale in the relevant media turned up, probably not without the assistance of the search engine giant itself is true for many features of the 130 gram Nexus One, which, like the first Google G1 phone from Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is.

The new "Super Phone" from Google.
Image: For the first time Google has one of its HTC smartphone with AMOLED display - equipped, the vibrant colors and high contrast, promises in the sunlight but not likely to still be readable - previously the domain of Samsung. The 3.7-inch capacitive touch screen offers a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels, for a lot of computing power makes the Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm, a processor core with 1 GHz is clocked and a high-performance multimedia signal processor and 512 MB RAM and 512 MB Flash memory is supported. Via a microSDHC slot can expand memory to a maximum of 32 GB, a 4-gigabyte media wants marched with Google.

There is also a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus lens and LED photo light, WLAN, Bluetooth 2.1 with stereo audio profile, an AGPS receiver for positioning and a compass. As a quad-band GSM device it transmits in almost all GSM networks worldwide and - with some U.S. networks such as AT & T, because the 1900 MHz frequency band is missing - in most UMTS networks, in Europe there should be no problems with The UMTS connection type. Provide fast data transfer in GSM networks EDGE and UMTS HSPA with receive rates up to 7.2 and transmission rates up to 2 Mbit / s gross. A particularly good voice quality is to deliver the integrated suppression of ambient noise, which receives the second with a microphone and hides.

The Nexus One, the latest Android version is 2.1 for use, which brings already the Motorola Milestone known features like Google Maps navigation and voice-activated search, but also attracts with enhanced multimedia capabilities, five start screens including summary screen and animated wallpapers. Google also wants to provide additional applications like Google Earth. Multi-touch to zoom in on maps and websites knows the Nexus One, however.

It is interesting that for a top class unit price fairly low: Google calls for the Nexus One sold about 530 U.S. dollars without a contract and network limitations, the first smartphone for sale, but only in the U.S., Britain, Singapore and Hong Kong. T-Mobile USA offers a contract at a price of around 180 dollars, other operators such as Vodafone in Europe and Verizon in the U.S. will follow in the spring. If and when the phone will be available in Germany, told not Google.

Whether the manufactured by HTC Android smartphone can play out the speed advantage of the 1-GHz chips in everyday use and it will still have to demonstrate. But even if the gadget shows disappointed some fans, that Google did not invent the wheel, should take notice of the competition. The search engine company introduces itself with a rock solid top class device as a new challenger in the high-margin segment.

Where a challenger, it is also a champion. In the smartphone the league is now even Apple with the iPhone and shows the industry for almost three years, as it goes. The clear signal from Cupertino can not be followed by all mobile operators - because of unwillingness or inability. That leaves room for ambitious newcomers. If the start then with a thick wallet and the necessary know-how, should be expected with them. This is especially true for large ships Nokia and Microsoft, which has not cope with the new mobility as well.

Google brings both, and thus has the best chance of the attributes already ubiquitous brand now also to establish sustainable in the mobile sector. With the emerging Android operating system, the Group is there all right, albeit indirectly represented. A manufactured in-house phone that uses the capabilities of the operating system Android optimally and without ties to a network operator is available allowing Google a confident look on new terrain. One of the Nexus, the group's motto "Web Meets Phone", and thus, the new category "Super Phone".

Is behind the attempt, the dominance in online search and advertising, Google in the past decade has made large, extended to the mobile arena. Nearly ten years after the billion-dollar auction of the UMTS frequencies already heralded the era of the mobile Internet, the promises of then are finally becoming a reality. Mobile Internet use is becoming increasingly popular and is also old hands with new challenges.

Google has for the transition into the mobile age, several irons in the fire, is working on all ends. The Group will apply specialized services provider and is expanding its own network-based offerings consistently. In addition, Google is trying to shape the mobile industry of tomorrow about his commitment to the operating systems OS Android and Chrome, but also with active lobbying in Washington and Brussels. With the Nexus One and a previously announced Chrome-based netbook does the search engine giant now also provide the right unit shaft itself. It will not stay there: The Nexus One, Google promised on Tuesday was only the first of a "series of devices."

Apple reveals new iPod phone generation

Tuesday, 09.09.2008, 20:39 · FOCUS-Online-editor of Alexander dispute
Four generations on the screen: Apple CEO Steve Jobs before the various models of nano-history

The fourth generation iPod nano
After a rather stocky model of the third generation iPod nano is the long back motion sensor from the iPhone: Turn the nano recognizes that the player and changes the mode. Rainbow and a little gray: the color palette of the new middle class player. The new nanos will remain loyal to Apple's pricing strategy: The units for 149 and $ 199 costs in Germany by the same amount in €. The new iPod phone for sale with touch, a speaker and a controller for the volume is in the housing The iPod touch is slightly thinner than its predecessor - but above all it is cheaper. "The funniest iPod ever": Over 100 games Apple Unveils the iTunes Store the (mostly paid) available for download
Competition for Nintendo and Sony: The iPod touch will be a game console
Drilled iTunes: The new version 8 can make smart music recommendations

Fourth Generation: Steve Jobs and the iPod nano
Photos enlarge image Hide image Info 1 / 14
Longer, thinner, more colorful: The iPod Nano returns to its roots. The other iPod models, Apple has improved - and built its iTunes music software, an intelligent function.
Steve Jobs' message to the 9th September was clear: "Let's Rock" was on the invitations to Apple's latest special event in San Francisco, where the company presents a stage show in a traditional event raised new products. For this, the colorful image of a dancing figure with headphones and a small device in his hand. So new iPods. And in fact, presented the new models of Apple CEO Multimedia Player.

Known look: The new generation iPod nano

Above all, the iPod nano comes with a new series on the market longer, narrower and slightly oval in diameter - the fourth generation of the nano reminiscent in appearance to the first device versions of the player.

In housing, however, technology is the iPod touch. If you turn the unit into a rectangular screen on its side, causes the player to change this position and automatically switches to the so-called Cover Flow view, which allows music albums and videos, browse graphically. Also possible by the motion sensor: when you vigorously shake the player, it goes into shuffle mode and plays a randomly selected piece from the music library.

The Nano will come in nine different colors. The cost: a model with eight gigabytes of storage for 149 €, a 16-gigabyte version for 199 €.

iPod touch as a game console

Even the iPod almost exactly a year ago debuting touch, Apple has redesigned. The iPhone is technically about a future without the phone function corresponding multimedia player with touch screen a bit thinner and has a speaker and a controller for the volume in the housing.

Now integrate the iPod software developed running Nike + and the module needed for this, the data from a special shoe with a sensor can receive. Games such as "Real Soccer 2009" or the racing game "Need for Speed" to make the player with the touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display in addition to the portable game console. In versions with 8, 16 and 32 Gigabyte introduced new iPod touch is the future cost 209, 279 and 369 euros.

Little new in the iPhone and iPod classic

A phase model could ultimately be the iPod phone for sale classic. The production of the previous model with 160 gigabytes of storage is an Apple. In future it will be only one version with 120 gigabytes. The price: 239 €.

there is little new in terms of iPhone, which Apple had introduced only a few weeks in a new version. A revised software should now resolve previous error, especially to extend the battery life and reduce the synchronization with the computer.

Intelligent music lists in iTunes 8

Apple upgraded also reiterates its iTunes music software on. Version 8 has new features for searching the library. But above all, a new feature called Genius that assembles at the request song lists automatically based on the taste of the user to facilitate the selection of music. It is already known of web services like Pandora or Last.fm. Interestingly: This learns the function that sends Genius own iTunes library - supposedly anonymously - to Apple, in order to compare with the collections of other users.
Google AnzeigenDVICO at www.lipando.de
M-6600N Plus, R-3300, N1, S1 Slim, Tuner T341
In addition, there should be from the iTunes store TV shows available at an additional cost now in a high-resolution version. Back in the program, Apple has the possibility of the television station NBC broadcasts, which had withdrawn a few months ago in the dispute over the pricing model his shows from the iTunes Store.

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and provides for exciting new offers: europe-boats24.net boat enthusiasts will find at a glance the best rates for your dream boat or yacht. To buy a boat, they can contact the seller directly without an agency must try again.

Europe is thus consistently boats24.net service around the boot sale and purchase trimmed.
A clever comparison function makes the choice easy - it is now rather an "Atlantis 55 or 42" be a "Riva Aquarama, or at least a Bavaria 37" ????.... for us to find your dream boat ...!
The home page provides a comparison of all brands at a glance.

But www.europe-boats24.net is not only an international media market place for boats and yachts, but also an information platform.
It not only offers an overview of the best boats and yachts in the world, but also interesting facts and a detailed database on almost all boats and yachts worldwide - with information on each brand:

Under the heading "Manufacturers" all shipyards are from "A to Z" with their current model.

"Confusion" was yesterday ... today there is the international multimedia market place for boats and yachts -> www.europe-boats24.net

German Record: 10 000 caravans sold


Ready for the Guinness book: 10 000 homes a brand sold in the firm of Ernst Ettenheim. Hobby Drähne CEO congratulated the record.

Caravan Record: Hobby-chief Drähne (left) congratulates Ernst family.
A truly impressive number: 10 000 Hobby-caravan sold the caravan and leisure center Ernst in the southern Baden Ettenheim since 1971, setting a world record of: So many cars in a single brand has not sold any other commercial operation in Germany. The successful connection began when Ernst after giving up their own Black Forest Clocks production took over the caravan for sale as a business. A correct decision, because in the first year
were about 100 caravans of the north German brand sold. "Hobby and Ernst - which for many is a household name," said Christian Ernst pleased with the continuing demand. Long been the catchment area extends over southwestern Germany and beyond: Buyers come from Switzerland, France, Italy and even Britain. Even in Canada, the family has exported hundreds of hobby caravan. Hobby boss Ruthard Drähne it was therefore not take to congratulate the families of the seriousness and success in the anniversary model number 10 000, a 560 UFE Prestige, a toast with a glass of champagne on the record. For the future, the trading company has at its facilities and Ettenheim Deißlingen lot: Once at Ernst in recent years were "only" sold 500 amateur mobile homes, the numbers are expected soon strong. The operation that results in addition to the hobby or trademarks Fendt and Laika is well equipped - Customers can choose from some 200 homes and 50 mobile homes.

Good puppies are curious

When cute puppies come into the house, the excitement is great. When you buy puppies, but it is to remain calm and some things to consider when the fluffy companion should be healthy and well.

Lester Maul is a fictional character, the vicious, evil, and a visceral comments on current events exclusive news.de. Behind the figure put several comedians. Your contributions arise independently of the editors. They will amuse, provoke and focus - and take just no bones about it.
Lester's world visit "Lester Maul (What is this?) I think yes, that animals love this country too far. One should first look for all the people who really need help. Thilo Sarrazin, for example. A thick skin has indeed. And good reflexes.
read on Mitler It usually takes some time until the decision is: A puppy should be the next family member. But whom do dogs a healthy four-legged friends?

The possibilities are endless, and so it is advisable to proceed carefully and critically. Who wants to buy a dog might, first of all stop by the shelter, Katrina does not recommend the current German Animal Protection Association in Bonn. "The animals are happy there, if they get a new family, are often housebroken and may already have an education." Should it also be a special breed or a puppy, the holder-in-law looking for a breeder.

In order to get a picture of the farm which are interested can not help but stop by there. "This should not be different from your partner for life," said Udo Kopernik by the Association for the German Kennel Club (VDH) in Dortmund. "As one looks after all often also the first home."

The breeder is to ensure that the animals are happy and curious, Ute Zogbaum, vet advises in Melle - puppies as well as parents. "They can check whether the dogs in an old garage or a filthy pig pen are kept - or grow up in a family in a sophisticated environment."

The dog's puppies should the sale not less than eight or nine weeks wormed and vaccinated, and be provided with vaccinations, said Zogbaum. Then you should accept any kind into excuses. Breeders do offer puppies for sale and you should check this accordingly.

It is important to pay attention to the breeder. "It offers the buyer a visit? And he asks about the future housing conditions for the dog? "Asks Kopernik. These aspects are crucial, because the breeder the foundation for a socially acceptable animal sets. "To fit later must know, dogs in the first few weeks at the breeder's many attractions - from sounds to contacts with many different people," said Zogbaum. "In this time, the brain of the dog in rapid development."

In the newspaper or on the Internet not only advertise private owners, but also the breeder - and not only serious. "In the year approximately 150,000 puppies mainly imported from Eastern Europe," explained Kopernik. "That does not always happen according to the rules of the import, but the animals are usually too young and still unvaccinated."

Katrina circulation calls another criterion: "If a breeder advertised constantly and offers many different races, is the obvious." Be strong likelihood that this is a trader or a "pure production facility."

Zogbaum also warns against an animal without being seen to be ordered from the Internet. Also for sale by dealers, the pups from the trunk out, you should keep your distance. "It is often cheap to breed dogs." When dogs are bred well, one must expect high prices. If you would like to buy a puppy, should therefore plan to Zogbaum words about 500 to 1500 €.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

inception on blu ray DVD

Extraction Mode: Infiltrate the movie's imaginative landscape to learn how Christopher Nolan, Leonardo DiCaprio, and the cast and crew designed and achieved the film's signature moments
Dreams: Cinema of the Subconscious: Can the dream world be a fully functional parallel reality? Joseph Gordon-Levitt and leading scientists take you to the cutting edge of dream research
Inception: The Cobol Job: Comic prologue in full animation and motion: see the events that led to the beginning of the movie

Inception (Three-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo + Digital Copy)I went into Inception thinking very positive and with high hopes that this will be one of my new favorite movies. I based this simply on the trailer. I was not let down in the slightest, and I was blown away by the originality and creativity of the film. The directing, acting, and cinematography were all amazing. It is a beautiful film.
After seeing Inception I will have a hard time watching any other movie ever again. Anything else would seem boring and useless. I went to see The Expendables in theaters. Horrible. I couldn't understand what the interest in this film was. It was just violence and explosions. No story or plot. Just useless violence.
I can see where people may think of Inception as something similar to the theme of the Matrix. It sort of has the same basic idea of people being hooked up to a machine, leaving their bodies and going somewhere else. Besides that, there wasn't much at all, which reminded me of the Matrix. Each scene held its own new originality in the most creative way as possible.
As far as Inception being hard to follow, well, I had no trouble following it at all. The three friends and my eleven-year-old brother had no trouble following it. I believe people who are more open minded would follow and understand it much better than people who are not willing to believe the story. Parts are incredible to believe, but you have to be open and let the story take place. Acclaimed filmmaker Christopher Nolan directs an international cast in this sci-fi actioner that travels around the globe and into the world of dreams. And this all as blu-ray DVD for sale to you. Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the best there is at extraction: stealing valuable secrets inside the subconscious during the mind’s vulnerable dream state. His skill has made him a coveted player in industrial espionage but also has made him a fugitive and cost him dearly. Now he may get a second chance if he can do the impossible: inception, planting an idea rather than stealing one. If they succeed, Cobb and his team could pull off the perfect crime. But no planning or expertise can prepare them for a dangerous enemy that seems to predict their every move. An enemy only Cobb could have seen coming.
5.1 soundtrack selections from Hans Zimmer's versatile score
Conceptual art, promotional art, and trailer/TV spot galleries
Via BD-Live: Project Somnacin--Confidential Files: Access highly secure files that reveal the inception of the dream-share technology

In love with Hanna and his oakley sunglasses

15. November 2010 16.50 clock, BZ
All of Germany celebrates with Sebastian Vettel (23). But who is the man who wrote yesterday Formula 1 history? Vettel's world, B.Z. set before her.
Vettel, the family guy! Papa Norbert (51, carpenter) often travels by motor home to the races, Mama Heike (50, housewife) is rare here. Siblings. Roland (27), Melanie (25), Fabian (11) Vettel, the-earth! Lives on a farm in the Swiss Neumüli Kemmenthal. Running BMW (M3) with, preferably jeans, collects baseball caps and Oakley sunglasses . Hardly drinks alcohol, favorite drink: Red Bull Kombucha. And he has all the Beatles albums on Platte.Vettel, the smart one! Made in Heppenheim be Abi (section 2.8), learning in each country where it is, a few words. Can fluchen.Vettel in 20 languages, the daredevil! His life motto is "No risk, no fun" ("No risk, no fun"). Likes to snowboard surfing, loves climbing and hiking. Idols as a kid: Michael Schumacher, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.Vettel, partner! For 6 years with Hanna (23) together. First met in school. She is studying textile design in Baden-Württemberg, came only once (Monza 2006) on the route. Reason: "You bring your girl friend so not to work with ..." Vettel, the life of the party! Like to imitate voices (Franz Beckenbauer, Boris Becker, Otto Waalkes). Can juggle.

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

This is the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone "Zeus Z1"
in category: mobile phone manufacturer, Sony Ericsson

Although not yet officially launched, but already visible in color and image: The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone, code-named Zeus and the symbol Z1. The smartphone works on Google's latest Android version 2.3 and has a real PlayStation Gingerbread properties. Luckily this is a playstation for sale to ordinary customers.

New hand-held games console

With the PlayStation Phone, Sony Ericsson, Sony's mobile subsidiary, a real game console. Below the estimated 4.5-inch touch screen is in landscape mode "a real controller" removable. He offers the keys of a standard PlayStation controller in the middle of a touchpad, which is similar to how the work of a laptop.

On the back are next to the camera a real flash and the PlayStation typical L1 and R1 buttons. With an estimated depth of about 1.3 centimeters, the Zeus is not a Z1 light weight, do what the built-in hardware and the operating system Android 3.2 Ginger Bread hopefully compensate.

A real "PlayStation"

Who had initial concerns remain that it would be, for the PlayStation Phone just an ordinary smartphone, which is not designed for games, are wrong. The menu promises real PlayStation games and also shows the typical symbol, though not the Zeus of Sony Z1 himself, but his daughter, Sony Ericsson is made.

Engadget.de got the device already in the hands and shows in the first two videos PlayStation phone in the world working like a game console on your phone.

When the now familiar PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1 officially presented by Sony Ericsson will be is still unclear. Experts expect but with an early interview, which could even still take place before Christmas.

The top sellers are computer games

44 million high-tech gifts
The holiday season is a feast for the technology industry: buy 60 of the Germans in this year electronics products. Especially in demand are computer games and smartphones.

(Photo: Bitkom)
42 million Germans now, according to a survey by industry association Bitkom this year, electronics products for Christmas. That's 60 percent of Germans over 14 years. Last year there were only 29 million consumers. "You can tell that the mood among consumers these days is much better than last year," said Bitkom President August Wilhelm Scheer.

High on the wish lists in the survey to be computer games. One in seven German consumers (15 percent) wants to give away this year, game software or acquire. They are eleven million people. Last year there were only twelve percent. Seven percent of consumers want to buy a game console.

The most popular are thinking, strategy and management games, which are used by nearly 30 percent of all Germans. Only in young people between 14 and 19, the action games lie ahead. This is good news if you have computer games for sale to that target group.

More racing in this year's Christmas sales of mobile handsets and televisions. One in eight consumers (twelve percent) wants to give away a fixed phone or a purchase. Eleven percent place a TV set under the Christmas tree.

At least ten percent want to buy a portable computer, such as a laptop, a netbook or a tablet PC for the computer game. Similarly, many buy a digital camera.

Cheap Digital Cameras from Rollei

Cheap Digital Cameras from Rollei: Powerflex 440 and 450
Rollei brings the models "Power Flex 440" and "Power Flex 450" digital camera for beginners in the trade.

Google AnzeigenUW High-Speed Camera

High-speed underwater - 1000fps Professional service & rental
In addition to a red version of "Power Flex 440" from Rollei there are models in pink, silver and black.
Both products take on a subject with up to 14 megapixels and save them on a memory card, the maximum capacity is 32 gigabytes. On a 2.7-inch display, you review your photos and videos in HD quality (1280x720). While the Power Flex is equipped 450 with a five times optical zoom, the smaller model has a four times optical zoom. Rollei is in each case on a lithium-ion battery, which you download via USB cable. Face and smile detection and Red-eye reduction control both digital camera for sale. For € 79.95 you get the Power Flex 440, Flex Power proposes 450 with 99.95 euros. The devices come in January 2011 in the trade. (Fs)

Digital photo frame: good test to Christmas by Stiftung Warentest

Digital photo frame: good test to Christmas by Stiftung Warentest
Christmas is soon around the corner and many already hold out for perfect gifts for your loved ones. A popular gift is a digital frame for sale, which bought the Germans in the last year 1.4 million units. The Stiftung Warentest has 16 models views in more detail.

Of the 16 frames in the test five were rated "good". These were consistently about digital picture frames that had only one power supply and no battery: Transcend PF830W, the Aiptek Monet Deluxe P8V5, Intenso the 10 "media creator, the LA8 Samsung SPF-1000W and Alessio. The best image quality offered the Intenso 10 "media creator, who excelled in this aspect, even the winner, the Transcend PF830W.

When you buy you should make sure that glossy screen surfaces look nice but in the business, but at home can result in sunlight quickly annoying reflections. Frame with anti-reflective coating, these reflections on not.

There are digital photo frame with internal memory. This is not absolutely necessary to explain the Stiftung Warentest, because often the image is changing more slowly than the internal memory from an SD card anyway, and often fit only a few pictures on the memory. Whether a digital photo frame should have additional functions or not, depends primarily on the individual preferences of the user: If you want to use only the image display, is pleased with ease of use probably more than on additional technology.

Digital cameras reviewed

Digital cameras reviewed: Great quality differences in daylight shooting
Sony DSC-H55 provides sharp and crisp images

As winner of the DSC-H55 Sony went out of the test.
(Photo: © Sony) The equipment of new compact digital cameras can be proud of. The manufacturers lure customers during the Christmas period with many innovative features. But the magazine "Computer Bild" wanted to know which device to score not only with great features, but also provides the best photos. To this end it has taken 16 current models from 169 € more closely.

The tested models bring extras as a wireless image and video transmission to the internet via WLAN, they can be a touch-sensitive screen (touch screen) use or have a waterproof housing.

Fuji Film S2800HD "scores a 17.5-fold zoom

Who wants to bring distant subjects close approach, which provide the models of Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Ricoh and Sony a ten times optical zoom. Right at the front is in this range, however, the Fuji Film S2800HD with its 17.5-fold zoom.

Who wants to put a good camera under the Christmas tree should not, however, blinded by innovative special functions can be advised, "Computer Bild". Crucial point is that a good digital camera for sale photos in daylight and with flash fires. The test was not any model.

Kodak "EasyShare M590" disappointed with milky images

While the winner Sony "DSC-H55" for 219 € crisp, detailed, high-contrast daylight photos delivered, fell the most cost-effective Kodak "EasyShare M590" clear and frosted with blurred images from. With six models also disturbed strong noise. Flash photos shot the Fuji film S2800HD "despite a little too dark images from all cameras are still the best