Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone

This is the Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone "Zeus Z1"
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Although not yet officially launched, but already visible in color and image: The Sony Ericsson PlayStation Phone, code-named Zeus and the symbol Z1. The smartphone works on Google's latest Android version 2.3 and has a real PlayStation Gingerbread properties. Luckily this is a playstation for sale to ordinary customers.

New hand-held games console

With the PlayStation Phone, Sony Ericsson, Sony's mobile subsidiary, a real game console. Below the estimated 4.5-inch touch screen is in landscape mode "a real controller" removable. He offers the keys of a standard PlayStation controller in the middle of a touchpad, which is similar to how the work of a laptop.

On the back are next to the camera a real flash and the PlayStation typical L1 and R1 buttons. With an estimated depth of about 1.3 centimeters, the Zeus is not a Z1 light weight, do what the built-in hardware and the operating system Android 3.2 Ginger Bread hopefully compensate.

A real "PlayStation"

Who had initial concerns remain that it would be, for the PlayStation Phone just an ordinary smartphone, which is not designed for games, are wrong. The menu promises real PlayStation games and also shows the typical symbol, though not the Zeus of Sony Z1 himself, but his daughter, Sony Ericsson is made. got the device already in the hands and shows in the first two videos PlayStation phone in the world working like a game console on your phone.

When the now familiar PlayStation Phone Zeus Z1 officially presented by Sony Ericsson will be is still unclear. Experts expect but with an early interview, which could even still take place before Christmas.