Saturday, December 4, 2010

The top sellers are computer games

44 million high-tech gifts
The holiday season is a feast for the technology industry: buy 60 of the Germans in this year electronics products. Especially in demand are computer games and smartphones.

(Photo: Bitkom)
42 million Germans now, according to a survey by industry association Bitkom this year, electronics products for Christmas. That's 60 percent of Germans over 14 years. Last year there were only 29 million consumers. "You can tell that the mood among consumers these days is much better than last year," said Bitkom President August Wilhelm Scheer.

High on the wish lists in the survey to be computer games. One in seven German consumers (15 percent) wants to give away this year, game software or acquire. They are eleven million people. Last year there were only twelve percent. Seven percent of consumers want to buy a game console.

The most popular are thinking, strategy and management games, which are used by nearly 30 percent of all Germans. Only in young people between 14 and 19, the action games lie ahead. This is good news if you have computer games for sale to that target group.

More racing in this year's Christmas sales of mobile handsets and televisions. One in eight consumers (twelve percent) wants to give away a fixed phone or a purchase. Eleven percent place a TV set under the Christmas tree.

At least ten percent want to buy a portable computer, such as a laptop, a netbook or a tablet PC for the computer game. Similarly, many buy a digital camera.