Sunday, December 5, 2010

Good puppies are curious

When cute puppies come into the house, the excitement is great. When you buy puppies, but it is to remain calm and some things to consider when the fluffy companion should be healthy and well.

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read on Mitler It usually takes some time until the decision is: A puppy should be the next family member. But whom do dogs a healthy four-legged friends?

The possibilities are endless, and so it is advisable to proceed carefully and critically. Who wants to buy a dog might, first of all stop by the shelter, Katrina does not recommend the current German Animal Protection Association in Bonn. "The animals are happy there, if they get a new family, are often housebroken and may already have an education." Should it also be a special breed or a puppy, the holder-in-law looking for a breeder.

In order to get a picture of the farm which are interested can not help but stop by there. "This should not be different from your partner for life," said Udo Kopernik by the Association for the German Kennel Club (VDH) in Dortmund. "As one looks after all often also the first home."

The breeder is to ensure that the animals are happy and curious, Ute Zogbaum, vet advises in Melle - puppies as well as parents. "They can check whether the dogs in an old garage or a filthy pig pen are kept - or grow up in a family in a sophisticated environment."

The dog's puppies should the sale not less than eight or nine weeks wormed and vaccinated, and be provided with vaccinations, said Zogbaum. Then you should accept any kind into excuses. Breeders do offer puppies for sale and you should check this accordingly.

It is important to pay attention to the breeder. "It offers the buyer a visit? And he asks about the future housing conditions for the dog? "Asks Kopernik. These aspects are crucial, because the breeder the foundation for a socially acceptable animal sets. "To fit later must know, dogs in the first few weeks at the breeder's many attractions - from sounds to contacts with many different people," said Zogbaum. "In this time, the brain of the dog in rapid development."

In the newspaper or on the Internet not only advertise private owners, but also the breeder - and not only serious. "In the year approximately 150,000 puppies mainly imported from Eastern Europe," explained Kopernik. "That does not always happen according to the rules of the import, but the animals are usually too young and still unvaccinated."

Katrina circulation calls another criterion: "If a breeder advertised constantly and offers many different races, is the obvious." Be strong likelihood that this is a trader or a "pure production facility."

Zogbaum also warns against an animal without being seen to be ordered from the Internet. Also for sale by dealers, the pups from the trunk out, you should keep your distance. "It is often cheap to breed dogs." When dogs are bred well, one must expect high prices. If you would like to buy a puppy, should therefore plan to Zogbaum words about 500 to 1500 €.