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Apple reveals new iPod phone generation

Tuesday, 09.09.2008, 20:39 · FOCUS-Online-editor of Alexander dispute
Four generations on the screen: Apple CEO Steve Jobs before the various models of nano-history

The fourth generation iPod nano
After a rather stocky model of the third generation iPod nano is the long back motion sensor from the iPhone: Turn the nano recognizes that the player and changes the mode. Rainbow and a little gray: the color palette of the new middle class player. The new nanos will remain loyal to Apple's pricing strategy: The units for 149 and $ 199 costs in Germany by the same amount in €. The new iPod phone for sale with touch, a speaker and a controller for the volume is in the housing The iPod touch is slightly thinner than its predecessor - but above all it is cheaper. "The funniest iPod ever": Over 100 games Apple Unveils the iTunes Store the (mostly paid) available for download
Competition for Nintendo and Sony: The iPod touch will be a game console
Drilled iTunes: The new version 8 can make smart music recommendations

Fourth Generation: Steve Jobs and the iPod nano
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Longer, thinner, more colorful: The iPod Nano returns to its roots. The other iPod models, Apple has improved - and built its iTunes music software, an intelligent function.
Steve Jobs' message to the 9th September was clear: "Let's Rock" was on the invitations to Apple's latest special event in San Francisco, where the company presents a stage show in a traditional event raised new products. For this, the colorful image of a dancing figure with headphones and a small device in his hand. So new iPods. And in fact, presented the new models of Apple CEO Multimedia Player.

Known look: The new generation iPod nano

Above all, the iPod nano comes with a new series on the market longer, narrower and slightly oval in diameter - the fourth generation of the nano reminiscent in appearance to the first device versions of the player.

In housing, however, technology is the iPod touch. If you turn the unit into a rectangular screen on its side, causes the player to change this position and automatically switches to the so-called Cover Flow view, which allows music albums and videos, browse graphically. Also possible by the motion sensor: when you vigorously shake the player, it goes into shuffle mode and plays a randomly selected piece from the music library.

The Nano will come in nine different colors. The cost: a model with eight gigabytes of storage for 149 €, a 16-gigabyte version for 199 €.

iPod touch as a game console

Even the iPod almost exactly a year ago debuting touch, Apple has redesigned. The iPhone is technically about a future without the phone function corresponding multimedia player with touch screen a bit thinner and has a speaker and a controller for the volume in the housing.

Now integrate the iPod software developed running Nike + and the module needed for this, the data from a special shoe with a sensor can receive. Games such as "Real Soccer 2009" or the racing game "Need for Speed" to make the player with the touch-sensitive 3.5-inch display in addition to the portable game console. In versions with 8, 16 and 32 Gigabyte introduced new iPod touch is the future cost 209, 279 and 369 euros.

Little new in the iPhone and iPod classic

A phase model could ultimately be the iPod phone for sale classic. The production of the previous model with 160 gigabytes of storage is an Apple. In future it will be only one version with 120 gigabytes. The price: 239 €.

there is little new in terms of iPhone, which Apple had introduced only a few weeks in a new version. A revised software should now resolve previous error, especially to extend the battery life and reduce the synchronization with the computer.

Intelligent music lists in iTunes 8

Apple upgraded also reiterates its iTunes music software on. Version 8 has new features for searching the library. But above all, a new feature called Genius that assembles at the request song lists automatically based on the taste of the user to facilitate the selection of music. It is already known of web services like Pandora or Last.fm. Interestingly: This learns the function that sends Genius own iTunes library - supposedly anonymously - to Apple, in order to compare with the collections of other users.
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In addition, there should be from the iTunes store TV shows available at an additional cost now in a high-resolution version. Back in the program, Apple has the possibility of the television station NBC broadcasts, which had withdrawn a few months ago in the dispute over the pricing model his shows from the iTunes Store.