Tuesday, December 7, 2010

English Bulldogs are super sweet

Stanley is no unusual name if you know: He is a purebred English bulldog. Sir Stanley that he is, the drives even more eyebrows up. But the reasoning is somewhat obvious.

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"Because it is so convenient because you always have to ask him," said Alexandra Bombeke. If I can get myself on it.

Alexandra is Bombeke English Bulldog fan. She is fully aware of the fact that there are only two kinds of people there, she describes: Those who turn away and say, "What is ugly!" Or, stop their car and walk the dog in front of the knee: "What is a horny beast" "I find him super sweet," says the technical designer. They impress, like "he loved each person approaching," on emphasis: each. The bulldog puppies for sale were once a dog that had attacked the bear. Following the ban of the bulldog she almost died out, the white Wermelskirchenerin. "And today this is a really nice family dog, friendly to boot.

And with the "optimal size for the home." Sir Stanley was an eight weeks young puppy, as he - from Poland - to Wermelskirchen came from a breeder sincere, honest to a price (2500 €). With its two and a half years now Sir Stanley weighs 26 kg. "If it rains all day, he remains lying on the couch" Alexandra Bombeke mistress Until recently it was announced that the Bulldog took about ten more pounds on the scale. With such risks to the joints, heart and breathing. Sir Stanley's mistress is happy that the pivoted around fashion in their breed straight.

So far, nice, the bulldog breed of muscular and sedentary. That was on top of that came against the tendency to feed rather too much. News's may be back in lean and athletic. "The only have the judges noticed, they have a small dig at the manners and customs of exhibitions where dogs are judged.

Sport sets supervisor Alexandra Bombeke great value. but the breathing is already a special case of the short nose. Stanley is panting a lot, which can be a problem if long-nosed dogs in the room. The order the wrong one and panting misunderstand it as aggression. . .

That is why English-bulldog-holder like to stay among their animals, says Alexandra Bombeke. Every few months, a meeting with holders of Paderborn, Dortmund, Solingen, Cologne.

So a dozen owners and animals all come together some months. When Alexandra Bombeke had loaded the last time in the mill designs, 20 people came with 16 dogs. On Sunday 20 September (11 clock) is to house "Eifgen" the next meeting.

Sir Stanley is quite in agreement that this summer - at least so far - not really hot. On the one hand, the agile copy is used to run a half hours and sometimes twice as long as the common English Bulldog. On the other hand, it's like comfort. "If it rains all day," says my mistress, "it bothers him not being able to remain lying on the couch." If they should characterize this breed, they used like the following experience: "The English Bulldog does not obey commands, requests answered.."