Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Safe place for jewelry and gold reserves

Lockers in Nuremberg money houses are in demand from consumers - inventory is recommended - 01.09.11

NUREMBERG - For storing important documents and small treasures, many banks offer in Nuremberg lockers in different sizes. We show what the cost, and subjects such as the contents are insured.
Whether important documents, jewelry or gold bullion: Consumers can cash in houses - in the image of the vault of the Savings Bank - rent lockers for storage.

Unsettled financial markets, high government debt, fear of inflation, there should at least own the treasures are stored as safely as possible. Safe in their own house have the least, but can accommodate lockers at banks and savings important contracts and other documents, precious jewelry and small gold reserves.

Maintains only 306 lockers, the PSD Bank Nürnberg, but they are all already filled and rents. "An extension of 80 subjects is planned and planned for fall," said bank spokeswoman Michaela Kirnberger - and immediately adds: ". For these new subjects, there is already an almost full waiting list" Between € 29.75 and € 59.50 per year the tenant must pay bank lockers in the PSD.
Bring ID

A bit more expensive, the steel safety boxes at the Sparkasse Nuremberg, however, offer the most expensive of them for € 79.70 and € 129.90 more room. Spokeswoman Tina Schmidt assured: "We have a total inventory of Sparkasse Nürnberg lockers still available, though not in all offices." Even non-customers of the savings are secure accommodation for their valuables.

By contrast, the German bank HypoVereinsbank. The two private houses make money only at the customer's own mini-safes, the cost depending on size there are also several dozen € per year. At least two banks are in quite a few free lockers. "The customer must audition in person with us and make the appropriate signatures to rent a locker," said German bank spokeswoman Evelyn Koch. Also, the HypoVereinsbank calls "personal appearance with a valid identity card or passport".

At least for one year, the locker-hirer must register then only the Sparkasse Nuremberg and offers the chance to rent a small security dungeon for a shorter time, for example, only during the holidays. Savings Bank spokeswoman Schmidt: "For this is first calculated the annual fee payable at termination but then takes a pro-rata refund of the price, so that usually only the price obtained for a quarter."

In the lockers can do everything that was dear to the tenant and expensive - from jewelry and gold contracts, deeds and his own testament to old clocks and stamp collections. What the customer is stored there, but his cause - he is the inclusion left all alone. To protect the confidentiality, access to the vault is locked, if a client is staying in it. Video surveillance does not exist in the locker rooms.

Unlike capital gains and savings banks have safety deposit boxes and their tenants do not even report to the tax authorities, only after the death of the tenant, the situation changes. Although the bank may not check what is in the locker, but they must notify the IRS that there is a tray. Information must at best be the heirs, if they have to give an inheritance tax return.
Ensure insurance quotes for you

Burglars break lockers that is unlikely, but in case of fire or flooding, the contents secret, even at banks and savings banks suffer. Customers then have bad luck and safe walk away empty-handed - an insurance of the contents not to worry about many institutions. "In our leases no safe contents insurance is included," says German bank spokeswoman Koch: "Upon request, they can be completed on the Zurich Insurance. The insurance covers damage from then against fire, burglary, water damage and flood damage. "In the PSD Bank, each compartment is only with 1000 € assured to have higher insurance, the locker owners manual do themselves. Has 10000 € with the contents of safe deposit at the Sparkasse Nürnberg and HypoVereinsbank are insured.

In case of damage the locker owner must prove anyway, what have they kept valuables in the locker. Consumer advocates advise Stiftung Warentest of that: "why create a list of items stored in the compartment, lift up on sales receipts. . Take additional photos and name witnesses, "German bank spokeswoman confirmed Koch:" We recommend customers to carry an inventory of the contents of safe deposit box to ensure a decent argument against the insurance company. "