Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Before meeting customers

Before meeting customer:

Step 1: No Blanks (salesperson sees what measurable purchasing data is missing and determines strategy to find them out)
Step 2: Benchmarks (salesperson connects features of products and services to the measurable benefits of customer's goal[s])
Step 3: Oops! (salesperson determines what measurable benefits cannot be achieved and develops strategies to address them)

At the customer meeting:

Step 4: Purpose Summary (salesperson reinforces that meeting is to present how selected solutions achieve customer's goals and recaps measurable benefits)
Step 5: Connect the Dots (The marketing expert connects measurable benefits of customer's goals to features of selected solutions)
Step 6: Conditions Met (salesperson demonstrates how all requirements of customer's purchasing decision are satisfied)

MPC 3: Solution Confirmed (customer agrees that solution achieves goals)
MP 4: Implement Agreement (salesperson inks the deal)

Step 1: Deal (salesperson confidently asks customer to purchase agreed-upon solutions offered for sale)
Step 2: Logistics (salesperson goes over details needed to start business relationship)

MPC 4: Agreement Confirmed (customer agrees to enter into a contract and inks the deal)
Exhibit I-5: The four phases of MeasureMax. (Note— MP stands for Measurable Phases, while MPC stands for Measurable Phase Changes.)

Cut out from the science of sales success book.